Other Personal Injury Litigation

People can be injured in many ways in our complex, industrialized society. We help people evaluate how they were injured and how they can recover when they are injured at the fault of others.

Slip and fall cases are very common. So are injuries suffered on common carriers, such as the bus, train or airlines. Whatever your circumstances, please always feel free to contact us to discuss your case so you can obtain our free, confidential, no-obligation evaluation including our recommendations as to how you may best maximize the value of your claim.

Representative Cases:

Knight v. Sam’s Club: Our client was a customer at Sam’s Club, who fell when someone moved a rack of pallets and left a grey colored angle iron on the floor designed to guide the shopping carts. Our client did not see the grey colored angle iron against the concrete grey floor, and fell when she was walking towards the shopping carts. She severely injured her ankle and shoulder, falling on the angle iron and the concrete floor. Sam’s Club denied all liability until we were able to force them to produce a surveillance video that demonstrated that a number of people had tripped on the angle iron, and even showed one customer bringing back a store employee and pointing out the hazzard several hours before our client’s fall.

Nichols v. Japanese Motor Works, et. al.: Our 18 year old client was severely injured when an old Ford N-8 farm tractor overturned on him after unknown persons had tied a tow rope under the seat and above the center of gravity of the rear axle. We engaged a physics professor who modeled the cause of this accident which demonstrated the negligence of the Defendants and we were able to settle the case with a lifetime annuity providing supplemental income to our client.

Lucas. v. TWA: Our client was an aging professional dancer, injured by an errant beverage cart which struck his knee while he was sleeping in the aisle seat on a transcontinental flight. TWA promptly went Bankrupt, requiring us to obtain relief from the automatic stay to proceed against its insurance carrier. Ultimately our detailed review of medical records, including a video taken during arthrosporic surgery, confirmed that our client’s injury was traumatic, not degenerative, so we were able to obtain a $195,000.00 settlement for this relatively minor injury.