Business Services

Business Services.

We have wide expertise negotiating contracts, purchase and agreements, licencing agreements, and can help you run your business in the most efficient way possible. 

While the majority of our work is litigation, that means we know how serious mistakes on the front-end of a deal can be. Many of our litigation clients hire us to do their transnational work after seeing how well we understand these issues. Think about it- would you rather have someone who has never stepped foot in courtroom draft your employee contract? Or someone who has seen first hand time and time again the pitfalls of poorly drafted agreements?

We can help your business grow. As your business grows, you will encounter challenges that we can help you with. Whether you need assistance finding and negotiation financing, navigating regulatory agencies, or simple tax avoidance advice, The Wilson Law Firm has helped someone else through your problem before.

We can also form your company and advice you what type of company to form. (LLC, Corporation, S-Corp, etc.)

We have helped many business owner exit gracefully by selling to either someone else, or by merging with the buy players in the industry.