Matt Wilson


Matt Wilson

L. Matt Wilson

L. Matt Wilson is a well-recognized trial lawyer, with 30+ years of trial and business experience, a member of the Atlanta Bar Association, and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

L. Matt Wilson is a graduate of the University of California, at Berkeley, (Economics and Business Administration, with special emphasis on Accounting) and has a high degree of technological competence and a commitment to the use of technology in economic modeling, simulation, and evaluation, in advocacy on behalf of clients. He earned his Juris Doctor from American University.

Matt has successfully handled a large number and variety of complex, multi-issue cases, in fields as diverse as antitrust, securities, finance, legal and accounting malpractice, aviation, and construction. He has successfully defended two False Advertising cases involving pharmaceuticals.

L. Matt Wilson and The Wilson Law Firm are rated “AV Preeminent” by Martindale-Hubbell.  This is the highest rating, defined by Martindale-Hubbell as follows: ”

An AV certification mark is a significant rating accomplishment – a testament to the fact that a lawyer’s peers rank him or her at the highest level of professional excellence.

Always focused on practical and cost effective results for his clients, Matt delivers results quickly and efficiently.

While Matt has had the certified mediator training through Henning Mediation & Arbitration Services, one of Georgia’s leading alternate dispute resolution centers, he does not provide mediation services, but instead focuses on helping his clients achieve settlements and beneficial resolutions of their disputes.

In his free time, Matt hunts, hikes, and sails with his wife Krystyna, and volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America.


Representative Commercial Litigation

Perestroika Joint Venture litigation:

The largest Russian-American Real Estate joint venture in Moscow, Russia, engaged us to provide litigation defense in four (4) interrelated contract disputes involving $13 Million U.S.D. of claims arising from an international construction project. Result: All litigation, claims, and future claims favorably terminated, after arbitration, at a gross cost to client of less than 4% of Claims.

Computone, Inc., v. Holland & Knight:

The largest law firm in Florida engaged us to provided special trial counsel in a commercial dispute and $11 Million malpractice counterclaim with a former client. Result: Trial to Jury Verdict in favor of Holland & Knight.

Abej v. Construtora Andrade Gutierrez:

An international construction company retained us to prosecute a commercial arbitration before the International Chamber of Commerce in Geneva, Switzerland, regarding a World Bank loan commitment for a $45 Million U.S.D. International public works project. Result: Preliminary negotiations contained the dispute, by preserving all parties’ rights and claims, permitting the orderly completion of the project, while the claims were resolved in Arbitration in Geneva.

Wadsworth, et. al. v. Ramus:

United States Bankruptcy Court adversary proceeding litigation regarding the theft and embezzlement of over 200 recognized works of art worth approximately $40 Million. Result: This firm’s clients, a group of wealthy investors, were extricated from this litigation with their personal art collections, reputations, and other assets protected.

American Independent Mortgage v. Lloyds of London:

Engaged as special counsel by the Trustee in an involuntary Chapter 7 case to pursue disputed claims against certain underwriters at Lloyds of London. Result: Computerized forensic accounting modeling conceived, designed, and executed by this firm enabled us to negotiate a substantial recovery on behalf of our client in a complex case that had been formally evaluated as economically impossible.

J. Peek G., Inc. f/k/a The Garlington Group, Inc. and J. Peek Garlington v. American Phoenix Insurance Agency of Georgia, Inc. and PM Holdings, Inc.:

The Sellers of an Insurance Agency engaged us to prosecute a claim for final payment and defend a breach of warranty civil arbitration. Result: All warranty claims were favorably resolved after civil arbitration.

Sypula v. Planning Technology, Inc.:

Defense of $1,050,000 commission claim asserted by former sales employee. Result: Trial to jury verdict in favor of Defendant Client.

Milner Business Products, Inc. v. Gardens Development Group, Inc.:

Suit on Open Commercial Account and breach of contract. Result: Trial to jury verdict in favor of Plaintiff Client awarding complete recovery.

BBS of America, Inc. v. Burgess, et. al.:

Prejudgment garnishments and attachments in response to employee embezzlement. Result: Substantial asset recovery, criminal plea, and recovery under fidelity bond.

CSC General Contractors, Inc. vs. Drew:

Superior Court litigation and AAA arbitration involving commercial construction project. Result: Recovered 100% of contract balance and retainage on behalf of Plaintiff builder.

Manouchehr Jahanbin V. Sykes International Group Limited, et. al.:

Dispute over joint venture and sale of heavy equipment assets involving breach of contract, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty. Result: Settlement on the first day of trial requiring time payment of entire balance secured by first position deed to secure debt.

Standard Charter Bank v. Thomas Financial, et. al.:

Defense of joint venture partners to suit on secured promissory note. Result: Settlement at 15% of the face amount of the promissory note.



Representative Personal Injury Litigation

Timothy Gaines v. Ballenger Paving Company and the Department of Transportation of the State of Georgia:

Our client was severely injured by an uninsured drunk driver who ignored inadequate and non-conforming traffic control at a DOT work site in Richmond County. After nearly 4 years of contentious litigation, the jury awarded our client $2.7 million. L. Matt Wilson was lead counsel conducting voir dire, opening and closing arguments, the examination of 12 of 15 witnesses on direct, and all of the cross examination. This case is reported at 231 Ga. App. 565, 499 S.E.2d 722 (1998).

McClure v. Northeast Medical Center et. al.:

Medical Malpractice claim against hospital in Hall County following miscalculation of radiation dosage resulting in significant vision loss. Case was prepared for trial and settled for a low seven figure amount.

Knight v. Sam’s Club:

Slip and Fall after Sam’s Club moved pallets and left a grey colored angle iron on the floor next to the shopping carts. Our client fell and severely injured her ankle and shoulder while walking toward the carts. Case developed into an intense discovery dispute, and settled shortly before trial.

Nichols v. Japanese Motor Works, et. al.:

Our 18 year old client was severely injured when an old Ford N-8 farm tractor overturned on him after unknown persons had tied a tow rope under the seat and above the center of gravity of the rear axle. Case settled with the use of a lifetime annuity.

Hemphill v. Reagin et. al.:

Wrongful death motor vehicle action against a 16 year old and her family. The defendant admitted her liability, but plead poverty with minimal insurance limits. By careful factual investigation, we were able to establish liability to her step-father, in a family purpose doctrine, such as to permit a mid-six figure recovery, being paid over time, secured by a mortgage on the step-father’s residence.

Lucas. v. TWA:

Our client was an aging professional dancer, injured by an errant beverage cart which struck his knee while he was sleeping in the aisle seat on a transcontinental flight. TWA promptly went Bankrupt, requiring us to obtain relief from the automatic stay to proceed against the insurance carrier. Ultimately our detailed review of medical records, including a video taken during arthrosporic surgery, confirmed that our client’s injury was traumatic, not degenerative, so we were able to obtain a $195,000.00 settlement for this relatively minor injury.