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The Wilson Law Firm, P.C. is a professional corporation of lawyers dedicated to excellence in protecting its clients and providing for their needs. Starting as a local practice in 1985, the firm now serves clients throughout the southeast and has grown to approximately ten people. Our attorneys’ combined forty years of experience in trial litigation in all courts has enabled us to successfully handle thousands of cases, helping our clients. Our team of experienced professionals includes attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and highly trained administrative staff. Together we work with one goal in mind – to help our clients achieve justice and do smart, safe and mutually profitable business.

Our associate counsel have been selected for their excellence of credentials, breadth of outside experience, and for their ability to function as both lead counsel and in support of L. Matt Wilson.

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Of Counsel

Our firm also maintains regular but independent relationships with the following attorneys. While these attorneys are not members of the firm, they are regularly consulted by us for their expertise.

The firm also has informal, case-by-case co-counsel relationships with a number of firms which enables us to provide our clients with the best solutions to meet the challenges of modern, complex, multi-issue litigation.

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Support Staff

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