Qui Tam – Whistle Blower Litigation

The False Claim Act and the Dodd-Frank amendments both contains important Qui Tam provisions that offer huge potential rewards to whistle blowers who report theft of government property, missappropriations of government funds, or other wrongdoing that results in losses to the federal, state, or local government.

We have unique experience and ability to assist you in evaluating these claims, which must be handled on a very confidential basis. We will then form a team of lawyers and accountants for each claim so that it can be fully investigated, the evidence secured and presented in a meaningful manner, and your interest and role as a “whistle blower” fully protected.

These claims fall into a number of categories, but are most common in regard to medicare and medicaid reimbursements, where large practices, hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care providers may deliberately inflate bills, charge services under inappropriate codes, or charge for services on a longer periodic time period than rendered, all of which may constitute fraudulent billings.

Government contracting and procurement is another common area where fraud occurs, when inferior products, parts, or services are substituted contrary to government specifications. These downgrades inevitably lead to higher costs and losses later, so there is every reason to report these under the False Claims Act.

Please feel free to contact L. Matt Wilson directly to request a totally confidential, free, and non-committal interview to discuss any potential claim or issue. There will be no charge, no action will be taken without your complete approval, and we can answer your questions to help you decide whether you wish to move forward.