Custom Staffing

Custom Staffing Alternatives

The Wilson Law Firm is a small boutique, designed to support L. Matt Wilson as lead trial counsel. We provide flexible custom staffing tailored to the needs of a particular project, consistent with the following realities:

First, the best talent is seldom available within a single firm. Therefore we assemble a scratch team of professionals custom designed for each project to efficiently provide experience and talent as needed. We have a defined appellate team and a network of local counsel upon whom we can call for our out-of-state litigation needs.

Second, in the critical stage of dispute resolution, whether in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or in court, only one person can speak at a time. Each side must wait its turn. The presence of numerous lawyers is both a distraction and a waste of client and attorney resources, particularly when the case is carefully and properly prepared.

Third, to the extent that our clients ever need any particular arcane specialty; or offices in any of a half- dozen other cities from Washington, D.C., to Miami, Florida; political contacts to open a particular door; or simply a phalanx of attorneys, then we would call upon one or more of our established relationships with our other law firm clients. These relationships include the firms employing over 500 lawyers, so we are never short of manpower.