Medical Malpractice

Sometimes even Doctors, hospitals, and clinics make mistakes. Unfortunately, this actually happens more often than we sometimes think, with estimates as large as “two million operations are performed without justification each year, resulting in at least 10 thousand entirely unnecessary deaths.”

Most malpractice suits are the direct result of injuries or neglect suffered by patients during medical treatment or surgery. The majority have proven justifiable. The number of malpractice suits, however large, is small compared to the damage patients sustain for unwarranted or poor treatment, whether such treatment is willful or unwittingly.

We approach every potential malpractice case we great care. We engage medical specialists to review the patient’s entire file to see if they can pin-point precise problems and mistakes. We frequently engage additional lawyers who may have had recent experience with the specific area of medicine. Our primary interest is to make certain that you are well represented and that we can maximize the value of your case.

Representative Cases:

McClure v. Northeast Medical Center: Our client started to loose his sight, mysteriously, and the doctors could not determine any cause. But our experts determined that a radiation treatment had failed to properly shield his resulting in his significant vision loss. Once we had the appropriate experts engaged and the file fully analyzed and prepared for trial we were able to achieve a very significant seven figure settlement.

Gerrell v. Northside: Our client was an active, but overweight husband and father of three, who was experiencing shortness of breath and fainting spells when he was engaged in heavy exercise. His primary physician completely mis-diagnosed these symptoms, failing to conduct adequate testing, and recommending that he drink additional fluids when working outdoors. He suffered a fatal heart attack days later. On behalf of his wife and children we were able to avoid litigation and achieve an early settlement, which we structured as a long term series of payments, which resulted in a very small fee to our client, while providing a lifetime of economic protection for herself and her children.


Please take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation so that we can help you evaluate your case and maximize your recovery. As always, if we are not the best lawyers for your particular case, we will help you find and hire those lawyers, because we always place the interests of our clients first.