Create your Georgia LLC

Why us?

Attorney Matt Wilson and The Wilson Law Firm have formed hundreds LLCs in Georgia for clients.

We are licensed attorneys in Georgia that specialize in business litigation. After 25+ years of business litigation experience, we have seen first-hand the mistakes that can lead to costly litigation. Thus, we know how to spot and tackle formation problems early, which avoids costs later on.

The Wilson Law Firm has the experience you need to draft your Georgia LLC properly.

Reasons to form an LLC

– Shield yourself from personal liability.

– LLCs can provide flexibility in tax reporting.

– We offer full formation. (Some online services only offer partial formation, leaving you without membership agreements, EINs, and leaving you exposed to dozens of pitfalls.)

– Protect yourself from person litigation.

– An LLC can have multiple owners or members, unlike a sole proprietorship which has a single owner

– No “Double Taxation.” An LLC has ‘passthrough’ taxation, meaning the tax implications are passed to the owners, and not taxed twice.

– Transferring ownership is must easier, if you plan to sell your business.

– Many more. Click “Learn more” to continue reading.