Business Law

Business Law

Our first and foremost mission is to understand the business model for each of our Clients, so that we can be certain that our efforts contribute to the goal of success. We bring our education and experience in matters of business administration, accounting, finance, and tax to business activities as diverse as manufacturing, real estate development, construction, investment banking, lending, international finance and investment, so that our legal advice and counsel, as well as our documentary work products, provide real world value to our Clients.

Our fundamental service consists of first understanding the goal of the client, whether it be in the negotiation of a transaction or resolution of a dispute, and then second effecting that goal by efficient, cost effective, but most importantly, legally certain means. We do this by understanding the facts, researching the law, analyzing the complexities of the positions taken by all parties, and then trying to develop and implement a comprehensive, workable, and permanent solution, typically of the “win-win” variety.

Our experience in litigated matters is very helpful to our Clients, because we frequently have the very best understanding of possible successful business resolutions as alternatives to protracted litigation. Litigation should always be viewed as an action of last resort, but when that becomes the only viable alternative, our Clients value our vigorous assertion and effective protection of our Clients’ interests.


Entrepreneurial Excellence

The Wilson Law Firm has assisted a number of start-up enterprises through formation, initial capitalization and business planning (including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships), developing and documenting contractual relationships (including leasing, and licensing, employment contacts, and joint venture arrangement), initial and subsequent funding (including lending, borrowing, and IPO), and acquisitions and divestitures.


Work-Out Experience

The Wilson Law Firm has assisted a number of clients in all phases of the difficult work-out process, with experience ranging from construction and development, multifamily and commercial single asset real estate, to very significant industrial concerns.